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UPDATE: Spring 2017 Harvesting Transition

February 24, 2017
Growers are preparing for our semi-annual transition between Salinas, California and Yuma, Arizona. The spring harvesting transition from the Arizona/California desert growing region to the Salinas Valley and Huron, California (the San Joaquin Valley region) will begin in a limited way the week of March 20.
  • The Yuma growing season will end in approximately five weeks
    •  Growers are assessing plantings and estimate that roughly three to four weeks of supplies remain
    •  Harvesting schedules will be adjusted to keep production in the desert for as long as possible as well as to transition to Salinas earlier to minimize any shortages
  • This month, the Salinas Valley has already received over four inches of rain; historically, the region receives approximately three inches by this stage
    •  Some crops growth has been stunted due to saturated ground and very little sunshine
    •  While the industry has not missed many plantings, some growers will experience delays, which can alter projected harvesting dates
    •  The impact of recent rain will more than likely create a ten-day production gap; however, the next few weeks remain critical 
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