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Produce Essentials at a Value Price

Markon Essentials delivers high quality, year-round fresh produce to fit your budget. These cost-effective options are ideal for operators that value food safety and quality when presentation isn’t a factor. Markon Essentials offers a limited assortment, but addresses the most frequently used items.

  • Citrus – like lemons, limes, and oranges
  • Onions and potatoes
  • Bell peppers, celery, and more

Check with your Markon distributor for a more complete list of offerings.


What We Offer with Markon Essentials

All flavor and all value, Markon Essentials provides the produce you need when presentation isn’t a factor.

Bring Your Markon Produce to Life

Israeli Couscous-Stuffed Bell Peppers

Whether served hot or cold, this hearty vegan dish makes a great lunch entree or dinner side.

Avocado-Cucumber Soup

This cold, zesty soup is perfect for warm weather meals—and full of healthy green ingredients.

Potato Soup with Mushrooms and Onions

This creamy, earthy soup contains the classic potato-mushroom combination so soothing for fall and winter menus.