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Our Farm-to-Table Signature Produce

Our signature brand is the cornerstone of Markon’s offerings and continues to set the standards for the industry with the highest quality whole fruits and vegetables for when plate quality, yield, and presentation are the primary focus.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-leading Five -Star Food Safety approved
  • Industry-leading product specs and standards
  • Picked first in the field for the best quality
  • Quality assured by our Boots-In-The Field inspectors

Vegetables are the cornerstone of most restaurant menus – and our assortment goes beyond the basics and gives you premium produce to create the highest quality dishes. 

  • Lettuce – romaine, iceberg – case packed or trimmed; Spring Mix, and green leaf
  • Tomatoes – from grape tomatoes to layer packed (various pack sizes)
  • Onions – red and yellow
  • Potatoes – Idaho (various pack sizes)
  • Mushrooms – White, Button, Sliced, and portabella
  • Asparagus, Bell Peppers, Broccoli (iceless), Carrots, Celery, and more

Fruits find their place on menus from appetizers to desserts and even the beverage menu, and Markon First Crop has your key commodities covered.

  • Citrus Fruit – lemons and oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Melons (in Season)

A full roster of Fresh Herbs in 4-ounce and one-pound packs, to add flavor and visual appeal to any dish. 

We continuously expand our portfolio in order to bring you the best quality and on trends products for your kitchen.  Check with your local Markon distributor for their assortment of Markon products.

Bring Your Markon Produce to Life

Quinoa Bowl with Chicken, Avocado, and Butter Lettuce

This delicious entrée is customizable with produce-centric add-ons. Colorful, healthy, & social-media worthy!

Cream of Leek & Potato Soup with Crispy Leeks

Topped with roasted crispy leeks, this soup is light and flavorful – inspired by spring! Serve hot or cold.

Strawberry Lattice Tart with Mascarpone

Flaky pastry tarts filled with tangy mascarpone cheese and topped with an eye-catching, delicious strawberry lattice and hibiscus sugar crystals.