Confidence in Every Case®

Markon and our member companies have been the foodservice industry’s premiere source of fresh produce for more than 30 years. A leader in food safety, quality control, and innovation, we are also mindful of the produce industry's impact on people – from field workers to consumers. Markon’s fresh fruits and vegetables are backed by key components that ensure our customers always receive what they expect – Confidence in Every Case.®


Product Innovation

With new products, foodservice-friendly packs, and time-saving sizes, Markon’s brands are designed to streamline your workload.



We have everything you need to get creative in the kitchen with an extensive library of recipes for a variety of meal types and cuisine options.

Community Involvement


Our comprehensive reports will keep you on top of what is happening throughout the produce industry so you can make educated decisions.


5-Star Food Safety®

You take food safety seriously. At Markon, we share this passionate dedication to providing safe fruits and vegetables and we work diligently to meet your high standards. Every case of Markon produce you purchase has met or surpassed our unparalleled standards for food safety.

Our Members

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