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Less Prep. More Perfection.

Ready-Set-Serve eases the burden of produce prep, allowing chefs to get more creative. This line includes hundreds of lightly prepped, fully prepped, pre-cut, and pre-packaged products that provide efficiency in the kitchen while delivering high-quality, consistent products.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-leading Five -Star Food Safety approved
  • Industry-leading product specs and standards
  • Save on labor (hours per case add to your bottom-line)
  • Reduce waste (up to 30% of yield improvement vs commodity products)
  • Improved food safety vs bulk items
  • Quality assured by our boots-in-the field inspectors

Reduce waste, save labor, let your creativity flow with Ready-Set-Serve.

  • Avocados – fully prepped guacamole, halves, chunks, and pure pulp
  • Fresh Cut Fruit – in light syrup and preservative-free
  • Juices – freshly squeezed and lightly pasteurized
  • Lettuces & Salad Blends – chopped, washed, and perfectly balanced for every application
  • Onions – peeled, diced, sliced, and more
  • Freshly prepped vegetables from broccoli to Brussels sprouts, carrots to celery

We are constantly innovating to bring the highest quality labor-savings solutions to kitchens. Discover how over 300 products can improve your menu pricing and operations.

Check with your local Markon distributor for their assortment of Markon products.

Get inspired

Bring Your Markon Produce to Life

Lime-Avocado-Shrimp Ceviche

Bright citrusy flavors “cook” this tender shrimp group appetizer. Mint and cilantro complete the clean flavors of this updated Mexican classic starter.

Fennel-Brussels Sprouts Salad

This dish combines the earthiness of Brussels sprouts with the licorice-like flavors of fennel. Dress with a bright, citrusy vinaigrette.

Shredded Kale Salad

This hearty salad works solo as an appetizer or topped with grilled chicken for an entrée.