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Taking Action for a Sustainable World

In the produce industry, it all goes back to the land. Planting, growing, harvesting, and processing fruits and vegetables is our focus, and the land is where it all begins.

Since our inception, Markon and its partners have strived to be a leader in sustainability and a steward of the earth.  Throughout the years, we have continued to evolve, to learn, and to work with our growers, suppliers, and member community to develop, embrace, and highlight socially responsible practices across our supply chain.

Growing with a View to Our Future.

Our activities are organized into the following pillars and areas of focus:


Markon strives to source from operations that provide the best produce with the least inputs, saving land, water, fuel, and pesticides. We partner with our growers to employ methods that conserve water, nurture the land, and reduce waste. We strive to preserve farming for future generations.
Key Focus Areas Include:
-Water usage
-Energy consumption
-Waste reduction
-Food safety
-Supplier code of conduct

Operating Sustainably

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint from our operations throughout the product journey, operating efficiently, reducing miles driven, and lessening packaging impact.
Key focus areas include:
-Energy efficient facilities (i.e. using LED lights)
-Transportation (fleet/ fuel/load capacity)
-Waste reduction from operations, recyclable packaging (fewer plastics)
-Decreasing food waste

Empowering People

It takes a lot of people to transform a tiny seed into a crisp head of lettuce or a juicy slice of tomato. Markon and our growers know that our people are at the core of bringing the best produce to market. We promote the safety, health/wellness, and growth for all the people involved in bringing Markon produce to market, and reward their hard work.
Key Focus Areas Include:
-Fair pay
-DEI in hiring

Supporting Communities

We are committed to supporting the communities where we live and work, through donations and volunteering for causes that matter to us.
Key Areas Include:
-Donation of food and resources

Here are some of the many ways in which we strive to reduce our environmental impacts, tend to our natural resources, and position the industry for generations to come.

Smart Energy

Our growers and partners employ solar energy, use energy efficient cooling, and convert waste products to usable energy.


Utilizing growing regions that provide the best product with least input helps save water, transportation fuel and pesticides.


Our transport vehicles use biodiesel or ethanol, and we ship by train where possible. Motor oil and tires are recycled to ensure sustainability.

Waste Reduction

From food trimmings being composted or converted to feed to reusable or recyclable supplies, Markon works to keep waste out of landfills.