Taking Action for a Sustainable World

In the produce industry, it all goes back to the land. Planting, growing and harvesting healthy fruits and vegetables, and the land is where that all begins. Since its inception, Markon and its partners have strived to be a leader in sustainability and a steward of the earth. Throughout the years, we’ve continued to evolve and work with our grower community to develop environmentally conscious practices.

Tending to Mother Nature

Markon growers employ methods that conserve water, nurture the land, use energy efficiently, and recycle waste.

Water Conservation

Markon growers work hard to save and conserve water by utilizing methods like drip irrigation or recycling water throughout facilities.

Soil Tending

Crop rotation and the introduction of cover crops ensures that soil is regularly enriched and protected from erosion.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Markon partners utilize recyclable or biodegradable packaging created with post-consumer content to help our partners reduce waste.

Operating Earth-Friendly

Aside from tending to our natural resources, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint with energy, pollution and transportation.

Smart Energy

Our growers and partners employ solar energy, use energy efficient cooling, and convert waste products to usable energy.


Utilizing growing regions that provide the best product with least input helps save water, transportation fuel and pesticides.


Our transport vehicles use biodiesel or ethanol, and we ship by train where possible. Motor oil and tires are recycled to ensure sustainability.

Pollution Prevention

From food trimmings being composted or converted to feed to reusable or recyclable supplies, Markon works to keep waste out of landfills.