Who We Are

Markon Cooperative, Inc. consists of five, independent broadline foodservice companies in the United States and Canada. We are all about creating solutions that are right for you, whether you are a single restaurant, multi-unit business or anything in between. Our solutions are tailored to ensure maximum quality while providing efficiencies and cost savings for your operation. Since 1985, we have been at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, and are proud to be a leader in the foodservice industry.

Our Pillars


The highest-quality, safest produce starts at the source. That’s why we partner with farmers who are as passionate about produce as you are. Our plant-to-plate approach means that each step of the way, we provide transparency for your produce. With quality and safety in mind, we employ third party audits of our farms and facilities to ensure subjectivity.


Produce doesn’t just magically appear on your plate. There’s a journey it goes on, and we are there every step of the way. Markon produce is never unsupervised. Our geo-location technology tracks produce in transit at every step, from seed to shipping to warehouse. Our inspectors walk the fields 6 days a week, ensuring your produce is up to our high standards.

Innovation Through Community

Partnership isn’t just a word for us. From our farmers to our transporters to our foodservice customers, we demonstrate the value of partnership and forward thinking by offering inspiration and thought starters for our produce. We also cultivate partnerships that focus on advancing sustainability and transparency at every step in our produce’s journey.

Focused on a better tomorrow

Stewardship of the land is a critical part of the agriculture industry. Since our beginnings, Markon has only partnered with growers that, not just talk, but live and operate with sustainability in mind. Practices like crop rotation, energy conservation, waste and water reduction, and recycling aren’t particularly new or special for us. It’s what we do and what we have always done because we believe that’s what is right for the earth.