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UPDATE: White Russet Potatoes

October 05, 2015

White Russet potatoes (created with the Innate technology—biotech or genetically modified—that Simplot has been discussing with members), are currently being harvested in Idaho and will be available under the White Russet brand the week of October 26.

  • White Russet potatoes will go through the sweat process prior to shipment
  • Growers will start shipping in late October and continue through late July 2016 or when supplies are depleted (whichever comes first)
    • A supply gap is expected to start in late July/early August 2016 and persist through October 2016
  • Similar to the Burbank or Norkotah Russet potato 2015-2016 outlook, White Russet supply levels and quality are anticipated to be adequate in both No. 1 and No. 2 grades
    • Large sizes (40- to 70-count sizes) dominate the crop; 80- to 100-count potatoes will be less plentiful
    • Pricing for the season will be comparable to the Burbank and Norkotah markets 
    • White Russet shape and netting are similar to standard Idaho varieties (e.g. Burbank, Norkotah, Ranger, etc.); trained potato experts cannot tell the White Russet from a conventional varieties       
  • The White Russet possesses unique characteristics
    • Internal tissues remain white when cut or peeled, while conventional Russet potatoes begin to darken once exposed to air/oxygen
    • These qualities enable efficiencies in the kitchen:
      • Chefs do not have to soak potatoes in citric acid or sulphates
      • Kitchen shrink is reduced
      • Black spots and bruising caused by handling is dramatically reducedup to 45%
  • They reduce acrylamide 50% to 80% when baked or fried at high temperatures; studies show that acrylamide has caused cancer in animals when exposed at very high doses


Markon will begin to quote prices for White Russet potatoes as well as Idaho Burbanks and Norkotahs when they become available for shipment.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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