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UPDATE: West Coast Markets

January 14, 2016



Broccoli, green leaf, iceberg, and romaine prices are expected to come down over the next five to seven days. Favorable conditions in the Arizona/California desert growing region will help increase volume, while heavy snow and freezing temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the country will weaken demand and adjust market prices.


  • No rain or freezing temperatures are forecast in the desert growing region for the next seven to eight days, allowing full production
  • Yields and carton weights will rise as a result of warmer weather
  • Up to 38 inches of snow is anticipated in the Northeast over the next several days, further weakening demand
  • Temperatures are expected to rise to the low to mid-70s for the next 10 days in the desert growing region; growth will increase
  • Markon will continue to update with news about prices and supply levels as markets change


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