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UPDATE: Weather in the Desert Growing Region

January 28, 2016


Some winter weather conditions are expected to return to the Arizona/California desert growing region by this Sunday, January 31 and persist through early next week. Rain and heavy winds are forecast for this Sunday and early Monday morning. More frost is expected Tuesday, February 2 and Wednesday, February 3. Expect prices for broccoli, cauliflower, green leaf, iceberg, and romaine to climb due to tight supplies.    

  • Approximately .10” to .30” of rain is expected to fall in Yuma and the Coachella Valley 
    • Depending on rain totals, some harvests could be delayed or cancelled
    • Quality issues such as excess dirt, mechanical damage, mildew, pre-mature pinking, reduced shelf-life, wind burn, and wind damage may develop
    • Markon inspectors will work with field managers to keep cartons as clean and dry as possible
    • Growers will pack ahead on Saturday, January 30 in anticipation of the rain
  • Widespread ice is forecast for Tuesday, February 2 and Wednesday, February 3
    • Harvests will be delayed; production will be limited
    • Another wave of frost-related issues such as epidermal blistering and peeling may continue depending on the severity of the ice  
    • Supplies will tighten due to shortened production; prices will rise
  • Expect markets to climb by the middle of next week; winter weather conditions will reduce supplies and lower yields
  • Midwest and East Coast weather is improving, increasing demand for West Coast vegetables
  • Markon will continue to update about supply levels, prices, and quality as the desert weather situation unfolds

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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