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UPDATE: Valentine's Day Strawberries

January 17, 2017

Markon First Crop (MFC) Strawberries are not available; Markon Best Available (MBA) and packer label are being substituted.


Markon will be offering Valentine’s Day lid pricing for loading Monday, January 30 through Tuesday, February 14. Expect limited supplies in all regions during this time period. Long-stemmed strawberries will be available, but volume is low; pre-booking is recommended to ensure coverage.


Lid Pricing

  • Valentine’s Day lid pricing will begin Monday, January 30 and continue through Tuesday, February 14 loading
  • All prices are FOB to Markon; please add Markon’s service fee, member monies, freight, and applicable fees
  • FOB California
    • MBA = $19.25
    • Packer label = $18.25
    • Long stems = $26.00
  • FOB South Texas (Mexican strawberries)
    • MBA = $16.25
    • Packer label = $15.25
    • Long stems = $26.00
  • FOB Florida
    • MBA = n/a
    • Packer label = $15.25
    • Long stems = $26.00

Oxnard, California

  • Expect very limited MBA Strawberries for Valentine’s Day (pending rain); most shipments will be in one-pound packer label clamshells
  • Persistent rain is a major factor limiting overall stocks and shortening shelf-life
  • Harvesting crews will do their best to avoid rain-related quality issues in finished packs, but the following problems may be present: bleeding, bruising, occasional decay, water damage, and wind scarring
  • Overall size ranges from medium-plus to large
    • Counts average 15-18 berries per 1-pound clamshell
    • Long-stemmed counts range from 12-16 berries per 1-pound clamshell
  • Volume will remain low through the Valentine’s Day pull; more rain later this week will further tighten supplies

Mexico (loading in South Texas)

  • MBA Strawberries are available in 2/4-pound clamshells; packer label supplies are being substituted in 8/1-pound clamshells as needed
  • Supplies have tightened due to strong demand in Texas; California and Florida stocks are tight
  • Overall quality is good: occasional issues include bleeding, bruising, odd shape, and white shoulders
  • Overall size is medium
    • Counts average 20-24 berries per 1-pound clamshell
    • Long-stemmed counts will average 16-20 berries per 1-pound clamshell
  • Availability is expected to remain limited through Valentine’s Day; Markon recommends ordering in South Texas for best coverage and quality


  • Volume has inched down due to cooler weather and strong demand from other regions
  • Quality issues persist, but size is increasing; bleeding, bruising, occasional decay, scarring, and soft texture are concerns
  • Overall size ranges from medium to medium-plus
    • Counts average 17-21 berries per 1-pound clamshell
    • Long-stemmed counts will range from 12-16 berries per 1-pound clamshell
  • Prices are higher than last week; rain in the forecast will keep availability limited through Valentine’s Day

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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