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UPDATE: Valentine's Day Rio Red Grapefruit

January 24, 2018

Help your customers serve vibrant, delicious Valentine’s Day dishes with deep red, delectably sweet Texas Rio Red grapefruits that are now back in season. Order it in Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Grapefruit Sections and RSS Fruit Salad Deluxe products.

  • Low in calories; loaded with fiber, as well as vitamins C and A
  • Flesh color will be vibrant red; color will deepen and flavor will sweeten as the season progresses
  • Fresh and ready to serve from square pails that maximize storage space
  • No preservatives; 18-day shelf-life
  • Ideal in green salads and Instagram-worthy desserts
  • The Texas Rio grapefruit season is expected to run through May

Please contact your Markon customer support representative for more information.

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