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UPDATE: Tropical Depression 16-E Affecting Mexico and Yuma Desert

September 24, 2015


Tropical Depression 16-E flooded fields and damaged protected agriculture structures in the northwestern region of mainland Mexico earlier this week. Damage is focused in the state of Sonora, Mexico where over 8 inches of rain fell in a 48-hour period. Hermosillo, in the Sonora growing region, is the main area for growing cucumbers, hard squash, melons, and soft squash during the months of October and November. Growers continue to evaluate fields; a full assessment of damage will be available over the next 10 days.


  • Damage to crops will result in compromised quality and elevated prices through Mexico’s fall and early winter season
  • Limited quantities of cucumbers and squash had begun crossing into Nogales, Arizona, but harvesting dates are being pushed back now
  • It will take several weeks for supplies to increase; growers need to cull damaged product and plants must recover from bloom loss
  • Initial reports indicate that watermelon is the most affected; up to 50% of crops have been lost
  • Rain was also reported in Central Baja, Mexico and the Yuma desert regions, but minimal damage is being reported
  • Growers will evaluate crops over the next several days; Markon will follow up with any further developments


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