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UPDATE: Tomatoes

March 27, 2015


Florida tomato production will slow down over the next two weeks; growers are transitioning crops back to the Ruskin-Palmetto region. Stocks from Mexico have been tight due to rain in the current growing region and spring transitions, but volume is starting to increase. Demand has been weak, but will strengthen as summer approaches.  



  • Prices for mature greens are low, but will firm up over the coming weeks due to decreased supplies
  • Fair quality resulted from cold temperatures and rain, but will start to improve with spring production
  • Spring volume will increase in Ruskin-Palmetto, Florida, but early harvests will be limited; February’s cold weather affected plant growing cycles
  • Roma supplies are tight, but will become more plentiful in three to four weeks
  • Cherry and grape tomato stocks are adequate
  • East Coast production will move north to Quincy, Florida as well as South Georgia and South Carolina in early June



  • Supplies are increasing; prices are easing
  • Rain in southern Mexico caused some harvests to end early, but growers have moved north where new crop production is underway
  • Quality is improving; stocks are increasing
  • West Coast cherry and grape tomato prices will rise as growers in mainland Mexico start their seasonal decline; Baja production will increase by late April
  • Mature green production will continue through May
  • Roma and vine ripe harvesting will run into June
    • Early Baja fruit will be available in two to three weeks
    • The California harvest will begin in May/June


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