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UPDATE: Tomatoes

March 10, 2016


Rain has temporarily stalled production in the southwestern growing regions of Mexico, reducing supplies being transferred into Arizona and South Texas. Prices are climbing in all regions as demand shifts to Florida. Growing conditions in Mexico’s Sinaloa region will improve by this weekend; moderate temperatures are forecast through next Saturday, March 19. 



  • Mature green and vine ripe tomato prices will rise through next week
    • Open-field production will transition to shade-house crops through the end of March
    • Supplies will diminish in late March, putting stronger pressure on Florida growers to produce more volume
    • Stocks are limited; large and extra-large sizes dominate crops
  • The Roma market will increase over the next two weeks while the Sinaloa season wraps up and growers move to the Central and Baja regions of Mexico; prices will ease by early April
  • Grape tomato supplies remain limited
    • Prices will remain elevated through March 
    • Florida supplies will be substituted to prevent shortages


  • February’s cold, wet weather reduced supplies
    • Expect low volume through March
    • Mature green and Roma stocks will tighten over the next two weeks
  • Spring production will ramp up over the next two weeks, increasing supply levels by April
  • The market will remain elevated through March

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