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October 19, 2017

Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squashes

East Coast

  • Cucumber and squash production will transition from Georgia to Florida by early November
  • Bell pepper harvesting will begin on Florida’s East Coast by mid-November
  • Operations along Florida’s West Coast will be delayed due to Hurricane Irma’s impact
  • Expect elevated prices and limited East Coast supplies from early November through early December

West Coast

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Green and Red Bell Peppers are available in California
  • MFC Cucumbers and Squashes are available in Mexico (into Nogales, Arizona)
  • Bell pepper production will begin in Mexico by early November; expect prices to climb as East Coast stocks diminish
  • Cucumber and squash volume is high in Mexico


  • Carrot supplies, especially jumbo sizes, will be limited in California’s Kern County growing district for the next six to eight weeks
  • Extreme heat has stunted growth and reduced size
  • Orders for MFC Jumbo Carrots are being filled; packer label jumbo carrots are available in South Texas (from Mexico) at a lower cost
  • Expect higher prices until size and volume stabilize in mid-December

Iceberg Lettuce

  • The market is rapidly dropping, but will soon stabilize in the low to mid-20s (through November)
  • Supply exceeds demand; Harvesting is underway in Huron, California (the San Joaquin Valley), increasing overall volume
  • MFC Premium Iceberg remains sporadic; Markon Best Available will be substituted when weights don’t meet MFC specifications


Green & Red Seedless

  • Markon Essentials (ESS) Red Seedless Grapes are available from California
  • Green and red seedless supplies are ample
  • Both markets will begin to rise in early November when California growers begin shipping from storage

Lunch Bunch

  • MFC Red Lunch Bunch Grapes from California are available
  • Packer label green Lunch Bunch stocks will be available until late November
  • Prices will start rising in early November when California storage crops begin shipping


  • Prices continue to climb
  • MFC Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons will be sporadic through mid-November
  • Guatemalan fruit will be available on the East Coast in mid-November and on the West Coast in early December
  • MFC Melons are not packed during the offshore harvest, but will be available again in the 2018 spring season


  • MFC and ESS Oranges are not available
  • Demand exceeds supply; prices are elevated
  • A few California growers have begun harvesting new crop Navels; availability is extremely low (only a few pallets are being run daily)
  • The market will begin easing over the next several weeks; prices for California Navels are lower than those for fruit from Texas and offshore regions

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