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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of November 16, 2015

November 19, 2015


Cold, rainy weather over the past several weeks in Salinas, California has dramatically slowed the growth and maturity of broccoli and cauliflower; supplies will be very limited through this month as growers finish the Salinas season and transition to southern growing regions. The green leaf, iceberg, and romaine markets are rising; growers are moving from Salinas, California to the Arizona/California desert growing regions. Expect tight supplies into next week.


Broccoli and Cauliflower

  • Anticipate very limited supplies over the next two weeks as growers finish the Salinas season and transition to southern growing regions
  • Strong demand will cause the broccoli and cauliflower markets to skyrocket this week
  • Recent rains over the past three consecutive weekends are affecting quality
  • Pin rot is a concern in broccoli
  • Bruising, increased ricey texture, and yellowing are issues in cauliflower

Cucumber and Squash Prices

  • Cold weather in Sonora, Mexico will tighten stocks further in regions already affected by heavy rain that occurred in September and October
  • The cucumber, yellow squash, and zucchini markets will rise this week due to shortages in Mexico
  • Expect elevated prices until supplies rebound in two to three weeks


  • Recent rainfall in California’s San Joaquin Valley growing area has ended this season’s harvest; all remaining stocks will be pulled from storage until the Chilean season starts in mid- to late December
  • Green seedless prices are steady at high levels, but will start to increase over the next several weeks; the red seedless market is slowly inching inch as the California season winds down
  • Markon First Crop Grapes are available in 21-pound portion packs; quality is good

Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Cauliflower Floret Trigger Levels

  • Supplies will remain extremely limited through next week; all sizes are tight
  • Cold weather and rain are limiting growth and slowing production; quality issues are reducing yields further

RSS Romaine Triggers

  • Supplies are very tight as growers transition from the Salinas Valley to the Arizona/California desert region; desert supplies are extremely limited as well
  • Quality is good; mildew and wind burn are minor issues
  • Expect rising prices and limited supplies through next week


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