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November 15, 2019


  • The California grape harvest is winding down
  • California storage levels are lower than in recent years due to inclement spring weather during the blossom and bloom phases
  • Import fruit will start shipping in late November
  • Expect prices to begin climbing next week

Green Beans

  • Recent snow and ice have interfered with harvesting and reduced yields in Georgia and Texas, creating a short-term gap while production shifts into Florida
  • More plentiful supplies are expected the week of November 25 (when the Florida season ramps up)
  • Most orders are being filled; however, availability is day to day and some shortages may occur

Lettuce and Leafy Greens Transition

  • Harvesting continues to wind down in the Salinas Valley, leaving California’s Central Valley and the Yuma, Arizona and Coachella, California desert regions as the primary growing areas.
  • Most value-added processors will be shipping from Yuma next week; field and harvesting conditions have been ideal, despite decreased yields
  • Expect prices to start easing next week, then drop after the Thanksgiving pull ends (the week of November 25)

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