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May 07, 2020

California Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

  • All Central Coast and Salinas Valley commodities are readily available
  • Warmer weather and longer days have increased supplies
  • Ideal temperatures are expected over the next few weeks, keeping prices low

Idaho Potatoes

  • 80- to 100-count cartons are abundant
  • Storage crop quality is very good: pressure bruising and hollow heart have been sporadic in large sizes (40- to 80-count potatoes)
  • 5/10-pound, 10/5-pound, and 6/8-pound retail bales are readily available
  • New crop harvesting is forecast to begin on August 3


  • Offshore arrivals to the U.S. will end in two weeks
  • Mexican imports are on the market and will be shipped as needed during this transition
  • The domestic cantaloupe season kicks off next week, May 11
  • The domestic honeydew season will begin the following week, May 18
  • A limited supply of Markon First Crop (MFC) Cantaloupe and Honeydew will be available the weeks of May 11 and May 18 respectively


  • New crop, fresh-run MFC Onions are readily available in California’s Imperial Valley
  • The heavy rains forecast for this weekend may end some South Texan onion suppliers’ seasons early, but those in Uvalde, Texas will ship through May
  • Limited supplies of MFC Yellow Onions will become available in New Mexico next week; MFC Red Onions will start the week of May 18
  • Fresh-run onions have feathery skins and light color when compared to Northwest storage onions


  • Mexico’s winter crop is winding down; new crop supplies are now being shipped
  • East Coast domestic stocks will transition from Florida to Georgia and the Carolinas in late May/early June
  • Central California supplies will begin shipping in early July
  • Expect active tomato prices through May while crops transition to new growing regions

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