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July 23, 2020

Green Bell Peppers

  • Overall demand is weak
  • Ideal growing conditions and increased harvesting schedules are yielding higher supply levels
  • Mexican stocks (into South Texas) are ample for this time of year
    • This market has fallen
    • Stocks are increasing
  • Production is also underway in Canada, Michigan, and New Jersey
  • California harvesting is ramping up
  • Expect lower prices as East Coast volume rises

Iceberg and Romaine

  • Foodservice demand started to increase last week and will continue to get stronger this week  
  • Demand is focused in the Salinas Valley, although some orders are shifting to regional harvesting areas such as Canada, the East Coast, and the Midwest  
  • Quality is excellent; however, field weights are lighter, lowering overall yields
  • Markets were previously forecast to remain flat, but these recent circumstances have caused an uptick that will persist into August, barring any significant COVID developments


  • Mexican prices are rising
    • Yields have been impacted by rain
    • Suppliers are culling more damaged fruit than normal
    • Volume has decreased
  • Overall availability is meeting demand despite a decrease in stocks
  • Expect the market to continue inching up through early to mid-August

Red Bell Peppers

  • The market is much lower; volume is higher
    • Red and yellow production is ramping up in California’s San Joaquin Valley
    • Supplies are tightening on the East Coast and in Mexico; the West Coast is the primary growing region at this time of year
    • Prices are forecast to continue easing into next week

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