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July 16, 2020

Broccoli and Cauliflower

  • Overall demand is weak
  • Ideal growing conditions and increased harvesting schedules are yielding higher supply levels
  • Mexican broccoli stocks (into South Texas) are ample for this time of year; current crossings are above normal    
  • Expect depressed markets through July/early August pending any significant developments regarding COVID-19

Green Leaf. Iceberg, and Romaine

  • Overall demand has weakened
  • Salinas, California production is in full swing
  • Although demand is focused in the Salinas Valley, some orders are shifting to regional harvesting areas such as Canada, the East Coast, and the Midwest, easing pricing
  • Supplies are expected to exceed demand through late July/early August, barring any weather challenges
  • Expect lower markets for the next several weeks


  • Prices are beginning to ease as production ramps up on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley
  • Foodservice sizes will remain tight (12- and 15-count stocks)
    • The crop is still running larger than normal with very few 15-count melons
    • 12-count supplies will remain tight for the next several weeks
  • Limited quantities of bin cantaloupes are available on the East Coast

Idaho Potatoes

  • Tight supplies and rising prices persist as the Idaho potato season winds down
  • Supplementing Washington Markon First Crop Norkotah Potatoes may be necessary to bridge the gap until new crop, Idaho Norkotahs enter the market
  • New crop harvesting is set to begin during the week of August 3


  • Supplies will ship out of California’s San Joaquin Valley through mid-August
  • The New Mexico season will run concurrently  
  • Washington fresh-run onions are forecast to start shipping the week of July 27
  • Idaho/Oregon supplies should hit the market by the first week of August


  • Quality is excellent  
  • Stocks are dominated by 90- and 100-count sizes
  • 110-count and smaller pears are limited


  • Growers pack and sell by the count as opposed to the volume-fill method used in Washington
  • California suppliers ship 40-pound packs; Washington growers use 44-pound cartons
  • Due to this pack difference, California ships approximately 6 to 10 fewer pieces of fruit per unit compared to Washington

2020-2021 Washington New Crop

  • The Bartlett season is forecast to begin the second week of August
  • D’Anjou production will start in early September

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