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May 2, 2024



  • Volume is down as Mexico’s Caborca season wraps up, pushing markets higher
  • Limited harvesting near the Baja peninsula will provide temporary supplies as crops move south
  • Jumbo and large sizes will be snug over the next seven to ten days
  • Markets are set to rise before dropping off with new crop supplies out of Central Mexico in late May

Other Regions

  • Peruvian volume is available and helping to supplement industry supplies
  • Domestic asparagus is available from California and the Pacific Northwest
  • Michigan supplies are available

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Markon First Crop (MFC) Broccoli and Markon Essentials (ESS) Cauliflower are readily available.


  • California-grown quality is good; crown size, color, and texture is ideal
  • Overall supplies are sufficient to meet demand; markets are steady at average levels
  • Mexican-grown product is available for loading in South Texas at slightly higher FOB costs
    • Availability is down amid a harvesting gap this week as crops transition to fields at higher altitude
    • Product reviewed by Markon inspectors is exhibiting excellent quality due to dry, temperate weather


  • Supplies are increasing quickly in the West Coast growing regions of Salinas and Santa Maria
  • Quality issues are minimal but include dark spotting and off-color heads
  • After a recent price escalation, ideal growing conditions have increased available supplies and forced markets lower
  • Expect prices to continue falling through next week, at minimum


Small California lemons (165- and 200-count sizes) continue to tighten; the crop is dominated by large sizes (95- through 140-count fruit). The California Navel orange season is projected to wrap up in late June. California Valencia orange production has started in a limited manner.


  • MFC and ESS Lemons are available  
  • Districts One and Two (the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California) are currently in production
    • D1 has moved past its peak and is expected to finish in late April
    • D2 production is in full swing and producing a majority of the industry’s small-size fruit
  • 165- and 200-count sizes are limited; size is dominated by 95- through 140-count lemons
  • The offshore season is expected to start in early June
  • Expect elevated markets and tight supplies



  • MFC and ESS Navel Oranges are available
  • Stocks are currently being shipped out of Arizona and California
  • Small sizes (113- through 138-count fruit) remain extremely limited in California
  • Expect good quality and elevated prices


  • MFC and ESS Navel Oranges are available
  • New crop supplies are dominated by large sizes (56- through 88-count fruit); small sizes (113- through 138-count fruit) will remain limited through the season
  • Mexican Valencia supplies (crossing into Nogales, Arizona) will be shipped into June
  • Expect elevated markets and tight supplies


The Chilean/Peruvian offshore season will wrap up in the next two weeks. Grape shipments will transition to Mexican-grown product in mid- to late May. Expect pricing to increase as the offshore season continues to wind down.


  • The Peruvian/Chilean green and red grape season will end in mid-May
  • MFC Lunch Bunch Grapes will stop shipping in mid-May, but resume with Mexican product in late May
  • Expect tight supplies and rising markets through this transition


  • MFC and ESS Grapes will be shipped out of Mexico in late May
  • Commodity supplies of Mexican green and red grapes will enter the market in mid-May
  • Mexican portioned grapes become available in late May
  • Expect elevated pricing as the season begins, then markets will gradually decrease

Green leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine Lettuces

Iceberg prices are lower; quality has improved, increasing supplies in the Salinas Valley. Green leaf and romaine markets are poised to ease next week as Mother’s Day demand subsides.

  • MFC Premium Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine are available; Markon Best Available (MBA) is being substituted as needed due to low weights
  • Anthracnose, a fungal disease favored by cool, wet weather, is still present in some lots although the prevalence is decreasing
  • Case weights are rising after several weeks of quality defects that required harvesting crews to trim more leaves in the field
  • Light rain is forecast for the Salinas Valley this Saturday; growers will pack ahead to ensure orders are covered
  • Markets will ease over the next two weeks


Demand is increasing; prices are up. MFC and ESS Limes are available.

Mexican supplies (crossing through South Texas) are sufficient; last week’s sporadic rains limited harvests in Veracruz, Mexico

  • Quality is good; growers are reporting occasional scarring, oil spotting, and stylar during the grading process
    • Stocks are dominated by smaller 230- and 250-count sizes
    • 110- through 175-count sizes and choice grades remain limited
  • Expect higher markets for next 7-10 days


Fresh-run onions are available in California and South Texas. Yellow and white varieties are meeting demand; red onions remain scarce but are expected to increase next week.

Mexico and Texas

  • Texas-grown MFC Yellow and Red Onions are available
  • Mexican yellow and white onions are also crossing into South Texas
  • Overall quality is very good; occasional bruising, mechanical damage and excess skin are typical of fresh-run onions
  • Yellow and white onion markets are steady; red onion prices are rising due to strong demand and tight stocks
  • Fresh-run onions possess higher water content and lower acids, compared to storage onions, producing a sweeter flavor but shorter shelf-life

Southern California

  • MFC Onions are available in the California desert region
  • Yellow and white stocks are sufficient; red onions are extremely limited
  • Yellow onion markets are inching up due to increasing demand
  • White onion prices are steady
  • Red onion markets are elevated
  • Internal quality is very good with some excess skin and occasional sunscald affecting outer appearance

New Mexico and Northern California

  • These seasons will begin in early June


Through mid-August, Idaho suppliers of MFC Potatoes will implement a six-week average for shipping large sizes.

Storage Crop

  • Idaho
  • MFC Norkotah stocks are expected to be depleted by late June; MFC Burbanks will be the sole variety for the remainder of the season
  • Supplies will run through mid- to late August
  • 40- to 50-count supplies are tight, expect the market to strengthen
  • Ample supply of (80-through 120- count) stocks
  • Quality
  • Overall quality is good; air checks, pressure, and shoulder bruising will be seen sporadically in remaining storage supplies (both Norkotahs and Burbanks) from all growing regions
    • Air checks are tiny thumbnail like cracks that are caused by stress due to abrupt temperatures
    • Pressure and shoulder bruising (soft, external indents) results from constant contact with adjacent potatoes, or the floor, while raw product sits in storage piles

Chipping Potatoes

Chipping potato storage supplies are available. New crop harvesting has started in California.

Storage Crop

  • Remaining supplies in Idaho are expected to be depleted by early June
  • Stocks may exhibit sporadic quality concerns such as discoloration, thin skins, pressure and shoulder bruising, and mixed sizing

New Crop

  • California production is light; volume is expected to ramp up mid-May
  • Arizona’s production will start early July
  • Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, and Canada will begin in early September

Colored Potatoes

MFC Red and Yellow Potato supplies are tightening; the market is rising.


  • MFC Red and Yellow Potatoes will ship through July
  • Six-week averages will be implemented to extend storage supplies
  • Prices are rising; volume is low
  • New crop stocks will become available in late August

North Dakota

  • Storage crop MFC Red Potatoes will be available through mid-May
  • New crop red and yellow potatoes are expected to ship the first week of August

California and Florida

  • New crop production will be available through the end of June

Arizona & Texas

  • Red and yellow potatoes will begin to ship in early July


  • New crop harvesting of MFC Wisconsin Potatoes will begin in early August


Clear, warm weather is forecast for the next 10 days in the Santa Maria/Oxnard growing region. Supplies are abundant due to favorable weather conditions.

Santa Maria/Oxnard, California

  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Quality has improved with the weather
  • Expect markets to remain low for another 7-10 days

Salinas/Watsonville, California

  • Production has started in Salinas/Watsonville
  • Weather conditions are improving
  • Quality has been fair; issues such as pin rot, soft shoulders, and green tip have been reported
  • Expect markets to remain low for another 7-10 days
  • MFC Strawberries will be shipping by early- to mid-May

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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