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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of February 15, 2016

February 18, 2016


Warm weather in the desert growing regions coupled with weak demand in the Northeast have created a surplus in many commodity items including broccoli, cauliflower, green leaf, iceberg, and romaine; prices are easing. Low temperatures in Florida and Mexico have caused erratic bell pepper and squash supplies; these markets will remain elevated for several weeks. Strawberry stocks are increasing and prices are easing despite recent rain in the Southern California growing regions. Growers harvested ahead in anticipation of the rain and crews are culling fields for rain-damaged berries; markets are expected to continue easing.


Easing Prices in the Desert Growing Regions

  • Recent warm weather is promoting growth
  • Prices are easing
  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Broccoli and Markon Essentials Cauliflower are available
  • MFC Premium Green Leaf and Romaine are on the market
  • MFC Premium Lettuce is sporadic; Markon Best Available (MBA) will be substituted as necessary
  • Expect supply to exceed demand for the next 7 to 10 days

Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Squash

  • Growing cycles in Florida and Mexico have been interrupted by cold weather and rain, causing erratic supply levels
  • Prices are unstable
  • Quality is good: minor issues such as occasional bruising and scarring may be present in bell peppers
  • Bell pepper and yellow squash prices will remain elevated for several weeks
  • The cucumber and zucchini markets are at minimum levels


  • Volume has doubled compared to two weeks ago due to favorable weather in all growing areas; overall demand is down
  • Prices are much lower this week
  • MFC Strawberries are not available out of Southern California; MBA and packer label supplies are being substituted
  • MBA Strawberries will not be available in South Texas after this week; packer label 8/1-pound strawberries will be substituted starting Monday February 22
  • Prices are expected to continue easing, barring adverse weather


  • Increased supplies from Mexico and sluggish demand will continue to ease prices on both coasts; Florida stocks remain tight
  • Prices are lower for Mexican fruit, but the market is also easing in Florida to stay competitive
  • Cherry and grape tomato prices remain elevated; limited supplies are expected for several weeks

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