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UPDATE: Strawberries

March 07, 2016


Much anticipated rain fell in Southern California’s strawberry growing regions this past weekend; totals ranged from 1.40” to 2.00” between Saturday, March 5 and this morning, March 7. This week’s supplies will be very limited; more rain is in the forecast for Friday, March 11 through Monday, March 14. The Florida growing region has been warm and dry for the last two weeks, but rain is forecast for Saturday, March 12.


Southern California

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Strawberries are not available; Markon Best Available (MBA) and packer label supplies in one-pound clamshells are being substituted due to rain
  • Oxnard and Santa Maria received approximately 1.40” to 2.00” of rain so far with a chance of more through the afternoon
  • Rain-related quality issues include:
    • Bleeding
    • Bruising
    • Decay
    • Rain/water damage
    • Wind damage
  • Many growers packed ahead of schedule over this past weekend to cover orders for Monday and Tuesday
  • Crews will cull rain-damaged fruit over the next three days
  • Light harvesting is expected to resume Tuesday, March 8 in Oxnard and Wednesday, March 9 in Santa Maria; more rain is forecast for Friday, March 11 through Monday, March 14
    • Oxnard expects another 0.50”
    • Another 1.00” is forecast for Santa Maria
  • Expect a significant decrease in quality and tighter stocks for the next two weeks; most suppliers will keep shipments on the West Coast this week
  • Prices will climb


  • MFC Strawberries are not available
  • Supplies are plentiful; prices are steady at lower levels
  • Florida will have much better availability this week and next, compared to California
  • Current quality is good, but warm weather and rain are in the forecast for this weekend
    • Conditions are currently more favorable than those in Southern California
    • High temperatures will decrease fruit size
    • Approximately 0.25” of rain is forecast for Saturday, March 12
  • Ample supplies will be available through Easter (March 27)

Mexico (into South Texas)

  • MFC Strawberries are not available
  • The season for most independent suppliers has ended 
  • Driscoll’s strawberry and mixed berry seasons will continue through April

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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