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UPDATE: Strawberries

December 23, 2015

Freezing temperatures and heavy rain have officially ended the Santa Maria, California’s 2015 fall growing season. Oxnard and Southern California are now the primary growing regions on the West Coast, however, available supplies are extremely tight due to limited harvesting days and cold weather/rain in that region as well. The market is increasing; demand is strong. Stocks are adequate in Florida and Mexico.


Santa Maria, California

  • Fall harvesting ended this week due to recent rain and freezing temperatures
  • New crop spring fruit is expected in late January/early February, pending rainfall

Oxnard, California 

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Strawberries are not available; limited quantities of Markon Best Available (MBA)—in one-pound clamshells—and/or packer label are being substituted
  • Oxnard winter volume is low; cold weather is tightening stocks
  • Crews are only harvesting three to four days a week to allow color to deepen
  • Quality is good
  • Size is medium to medium plus
  • The market is commanding higher prices for new crop fruit
  • Expect tight supplies and high prices through January; weather will play the biggest factor in volume levels


  • Fruit is crossing the Mexican border into South Texas daily
  • Supplies are adequate and will continue to increase
  • Quality is fairly-good
  • Size is medium
  • Most suppliers are only shipping half or full pallet quantities (108 cases per pallet)
  • Prices are steady to slightly higher with good demand


  • Supplies are adequate; the season is ahead of last year’s schedule
  • Quality varies greatly
    • Problems include bleeding, bruising, light decay, and small size
    • The crop is dominated by small to medium fruit
    • Many varieties are elongated in shape
    • Counts average 28 to 34 berries per one-pound clamshell with a few lots as high as 39
  • Ample supplies are expected by mid-January
  • Prices are steady with good demand

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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