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UPDATE: Markon First Crop (MFC) Melons

May 24, 2018

MFC Cantaloupe Melons are available; MFC Honeydew Melons will begin shipping Thursday, May 31.

  • The Arizona/California domestic season is off to a slow start due to cooler-than-normal temperatures
    • Cantaloupes and honeydews must meet minimum sugar levels of 10 Brix prior to harvesting
    • Cool weather slows the development of sugars
    • The longer the melons sit on the vine, the larger they grow in size before meeting minimum sugar levels
  • MFC Cantaloupes are available
    • Supplies are adequate
    • Sizes are dominated by 9- and 12-count melons; 15- and 18-count sizes are tight
    • Overall quality is very good: sugar levels average 12 to 14 Brix
  • Packer-label honeydews are being substituted due to extremely limited stocks; most suppliers are packing jumbo-size cartons
    • Supplies are tight, but expected to ramp up next week as warmer weather is in the forecast
    • The crop is dominated by 5-count melons; 6-, 8-, and 9-count sizes are scarce
    • Low sugar levels and scarring issues are concerns
    • Quality is fairly good: sugar levels average 10 to 11 Brix
  • Triple-digit temperatures are forecast for Monday, May 28, which is ideal for melon growth
  • Supplies will increase next week; prices will ease
  • MFC Honeydew will be available by late next week

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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