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UPDATE: Lettuce And Tender Leaf Items

February 13, 2020
Lettuce and tender leaf items in the Yuma, Arizona and Imperial Valley, California growing districts will be exhibiting sporadic quality and shelf-life challenges over the next one to two weeks. This week’s rain and recent freezing morning temperatures are causing the below concerns to develop.
Tender Leaf Varieties 
  • Items such as arugula, spinach, and other spring mix varieties are exhibiting varying amounts of mildew, discoloration, mechanical damage, and reduced shelf-life
  • Despite a thorough wash process, light amounts of residual dirt/mud may be present in products that were harvested right after the rain this week
Value-Added Shreds, Salads, and Blends
  • Premature pinking can occur due to excess water retained after the rain
  • Minor frost damage will be present
Commodity Iceberg and Leaf Varieties
  • Residual dirt/mud may be seen in field packed items
  • Minor frost damage and sporadic mildew damage is present in some lots
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