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UPDATE: Lemons and Oranges

January 21, 2016


Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Lemons and Oranges are available. Harvesting crews packed ahead of recent rain, increasing overall inventory. Although more rain is forecast for the weekend, growers are not expecting any adverse effects from this storm system.


Arizona/California Desert Lemons

  • MFC and ESS Lemons are available
  • Quality is very good
  • Product can be loaded in Yuma, Arizona as well as California’s San Joaquin Valley
  • Small sizes will dominate available supplies over the next several weeks
    • Crews are harvesting trees for the second and third time this season
    • Fruit picked from inside the canopy of trees is generally smaller in size
    • Currently supplies are dominated by 115- to 140-count lemons, but 165- and 200-count sizes will dominate volume soon
    • Expect 115-count and larger stocks to tighten
  • Prices are steady, but will slowly increase, especially for large-size fruit

California Oranges

  • MFC and ESS Oranges are available
  • The Navel season is in full swing; harvesting has remained on schedule since starting in October
  • Growers will transition into new growing regions over the next several weeks
    • During the move, small oranges will become limited
    • Recent rainfall increased growth
    • Supplies are dominated by 56- to 72-count sizes (in the growing region about to be harvested)
  • Quality is good and flavor is sweet; sugar levels range from 11.5 to 13 Brix
  • Prices for large fruit (88-count and larger) are stable; the market for 113-count and smaller sizes is rising

Texas Oranges

  • The Texas early orange season is winding down; supplies will remain on the market through early February
    • Remaining supplies are dominated by 113- to 138-count fruit
    • Flavor is sweet; sugar levels range from 13 to 15 Brix
    • Quality is good, although scarring is evident
  • The new crop Valencia season will start the week of February 8
    • Early estimates predict that the crop will be dominated by 113- to 138-count fruit
    • Sugar levels range from 12 to 14 Brix
  • The markets is firm at high levels due to strong demand for juice oranges

Florida Oranges

  • The Pineapple and Mid-Sweet varieties are available
    • Both crops are dominated by 80- to 100-count fruit
    • Quality is good and flavor is sweet; sugar levels are averaging 12 Brix
  • Supplies are extremely limited due to poor weather and citrus greening
    • Erratic weather patterns have slowed harvests and limited stocks
    • Citrus greening is a disease affecting production; it causes fruit to drop from trees before full maturity
  • Overall prices are stable
  • New crop Valencia oranges will hit the market in late February

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