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UPDATE: Idaho Potatoes

October 06, 2016

New crop Norkotah and Burbank potato harvesting is nearly complete in Idaho. Fresh-run, Markon First Crop (MFC) Norkotah Potatoes are on the market. Limited quantities of fresh-run packer label Burbanks are also available. MFC Burbank Potatoes will be ready for shipment the first week of November. Prices will increase gradually over the next several weeks as growers finish harvesting and close cellar doors for the storage season.


2016-2017 New Crop Norkotahs and Burbanks

  • Idaho potato growers will complete the 2016-2017 harvest over the next 8 to 12 days
  • With the exception of recent rain, harvesting conditions have been ideal this season; growers will resume harvesting by the end of this week
  • Once harvesting is completed, growers will have more control over supply levels, and will begin to hold back potatoes to increase the market from its current low levels
  • Markon predicts a typical market upswing for this time of year
    • Prices will gradually increase over the next several weeks
    • In early November, Thanksgiving demand will strengthen and carton prices will start decreasing due to more potatoes being run through packing sheds for retail bag orders
    • As retail bags are produced, larger potatoes are separated and packed into cartons, creating a supply-exceeds-demand situation for foodservice packs

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