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UPDATE: Idaho Potato Varieties

January 10, 2020

In light of October’s hard freeze event in Idaho, Norkotah variety Russet potatoes will remain the primary variety shipped through most of the storage season (until April). Because Norkotahs are an early maturing variety, the crop could be harvested before October’s freezing temperatures arrived. The Burbank variety will be the primary type shipping April through July. The concern here is twofold: overall storage supplies are limited and of those remaining, there is a low percentage of 40- to 70-count cartons caused by freezing temperatures. 

Russet Burbank Characteristics

  • High starch, low sugar content
  • High solids (21 to 22%); higher solids translate into lower water content, but longer time in the ground
  • Rougher/knobbier appearance
  • Season: October through August  
  • Ideal for light and crispy fries

Russet Norkotah Characteristics

  • Low starch, high sugar content
  • Low solids (19 to 20%)
  • More visually appealing
  • Season: August through April 
  • Potential to fry darker due to higher sugar content

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