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UPDATE: Iceberg Market

September 30, 2015


Prices for iceberg lettuce have eased over the last 10 days, but are expected to level out in the high teens to low twenties through next week. Markon predicts volatile market conditions for the months of October and November as the Salinas Valley season winds down and the industry transitions to Huron, California and the Arizona/California desert growing region (Yuma, Arizona/Coachella, California).


  • Prices have eased, but are expected to level out in the high teens to low twenties through next week
  • Quality issues persist, reducing yields and lowering carton weights
  • Processor demand remains strong; more heads are needed to meet weight requirements
  • East Coast regional growing seasons are beginning to conclude, shifting demand to the West Coast
  • The market is expected to rise by the second week of October as some growers wrap up in Salinas and transition to Huron (before moving to the desert growing region for the winter season)
  • Many Salinas Valley growers are 7 to 14 days ahead of schedule due to abnormally high temperatures; growers will keep prices elevated in order to weaken demand and extend product availability through the end of the season
  • Heavy rains during planting in Yuma earlier this month and current high temperatures could cause supply and yield loss at the beginning of the desert season in November as well as keep prices elevated
  • Markon will continue to update market, supply, and quality conditions as the Salinas season concludes and transition to the desert growing region approaches 


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