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UPDATE: California Strawberries

September 09, 2016

Strawberry prices are low; supplies are plentiful. Quality remains very good for September in Salinas/Watsonville due to favorable weather patterns and cooler-than-normal temperatures. Santa Maria new crop quality is also very good; prices for new crop fruit are slightly higher than those for the current crop (with comparable quality). The market is expected to remain low for the next two weeks.

  • Markon First Crop Strawberries are available in Salinas/Watsonville and Santa Maria, California
  • Daytime highs in the Salinas/Watsonville growing region have been 7 to 10 degrees cooler, on average, than last season
    • The average high for August 2016 was 69 degrees in Watsonville and 70 degrees in Salinas
    • The average high for August 2015 was 79 degrees in Watsonville and 77 degrees in Salinas
    • The average high for August since 1999 is 71 degrees in Watsonville and 72 degrees in Salinas
  • Consistently cooler temperatures have contributed to better quality this season; texture is firmer, preventing most arrival issues
  • Overall size is medium to medium-plus
    • Salinas/Watsonville berry counts per one-pound clamshell are 17 to 22 on average
    • Santa Maria berry counts per one-pound clamshell are approximately 16 to 20
  • Current prices are lower than last season (approximately $2.00 to $3.00 per case)
  • Pending weather, quality is expected to remain very good through the month of September
  • Prices are expected to remain weak through late September
  • Markon will begin transitioning south to Santa Maria for new crop fruit in late September/early October, pending quality
  • Click here for a photo of the Watsonville, CA strawberry ranch; click here for a photo of Markon First Crop strawberries in a 2x4-lb. pack size and here for the 8x1-lb. pack size

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