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UPDATE: California Ports

January 15, 2015

The Port of Los Angeles is the nation’s busiest container harbor facility, while Long Beach is ranked second. Ongoing labor disputes continue at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports; dockworkers have been working without a contract for more than six months. Employers and unions recently asked for federal mediation.


In an effort to move closer to an agreement, dockworkers will no longer unload ships at night to help relieve congestion on the waterfront.


• Port congestion will increase adding to the number of days it takes to unload a vessel

• Shipping lines will apply port congestion surcharges due to multiple vessels at anchor that are unable to unload


These ports handle a variety of imported fresh fruit and vegetable items (especially from Asia/the Pacific Rim) and will be heavily impacted by the changes.


• Offshore cantaloupe and honeydew supplies are limited on the west coast; many shippers are bringing melons from the east coast adding additional costs

• Chilean imports are arriving into the West Coast impacting supplies of grapes and stone fruit, maintaining strong markets

• Commodities affected by the congestion include Chinese garlic, Chinese ginger, dragon fruit, mangoes, watermelon, and other specialty items


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