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UPDATE: Cabbage

September 17, 2015


Cabbage prices are elevated, especially on the West Coast. Low yields and fewer acres planted are tightening supplies in all growing regions including California, Colorado, Mexico, Michigan, and New York.  


  • California yields are down due to extreme heat and insect pressure
    • High temperatures and insects in fields, which are magnified during periods of hot weather, are resulting in wilting, yellowing, and slow growth
    • As temperatures cool and growers move into new fields over the next two weeks, supplies will return to moderate levels
    • Production will continue into October before moving to the desert regions for the winter months
  • Colorado production is good, but strong demand from the West Coast is raising prices and depleting supplies; production will continue into early November
  • Stocks from East Coast regions including Michigan and New York are tightening
    • Quality issues resulting from days of consecutive rain lowered yields
    • Fewer acres were planted due to the low market last year
    • Supplies will increase in three to four weeks as production moves south into Georgia and the Carolinas
  • Mexican supplies are available to load in South Texas
    • Volume is adequate, but prices are higher due to increased demand
    • Texas-grown supplies will be available in mid-November
  • Jumbo-size cabbage supplies are limited in all regions; growers are harvesting earlier than normal to fill orders
  • Expect elevated markets and limited supplies for the next three to four weeks until production transitions to new growing regions


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