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UPDATE: Broccoli and Cauliflower Supplies

November 16, 2015


Cold, rainy weather over the past several weeks has slowed the growth and maturity of broccoli and cauliflower. Very limited supplies will be available over the next two weeks as growers finish the Salinas season and transition to southern growing regions. Strong demand will cause broccoli and cauliflower to skyrocket this week.

  • Recent rains over the past three consecutive weekends are affecting broccoli and cauliflower quality
    • Pin rot is a concern in broccoli
    • Bruising, increased ricey texture, and yellowing are issues in cauliflower
    • All cauliflower sizes are very tight, especially nine-count heads
    • Rain has delayed and/or canceled harvesting due to muddy field conditions
  • Broccoli crown prices have reached the mid-20s, while the cauliflower market is in the low 30s
  • Second-tier cauliflower trigger levels will be reached by middle of this week
  • Yields are down, reducing the availability of raw product for value-added items
  • Production time tables are off schedule, causing loading delays
    • Harvesting has been postponed or canceled due to cold temperatures and muddy conditions
    • Raw product is being transferred from other growing areas

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