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UPDATE: Avocados

September 16, 2016

Industry avocado volume remains low. Limited availability is expected through the month of September due to a combination of Mexico’s tight supplies, the end of California’s season, and very few Chilean and Peruvian supplies entering the U.S. market. Prices will be higher next week and continue to climb until early to mid-October when Mexico’s fall crop begins.

  • Fewer-than-expected supplies are crossing into the U.S. from Mexico due to several factors
    • Mature fruit volume has decreased
    • Rain in the current Mexico growing region has been disrupting harvesting
    • The California season ended early
    • All sizes are limited; demand exceeds supply
  • Stocks are being shipped greener than normal due to strong demand and a shortage of ripe fruit
  • Expect high prices and limited supplies through mid-October

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