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FROM THE FIELDS: Quality Issues in the Salinas Valley

November 03, 2016

Please click here  to view a Markon Live From the Fields video about current quality issues in row crop items from California’s Salinas Valley.

  • California’s Salinas Valley received an additional .10” of rain on the morning of Tuesday, November 1
  • Growers continue to face less-than-ideal harvesting conditions, leading to curtailed production and tighter supplies
  • In addition, the following rain-related quality issues are expected to persist through the end of the Salinas growing season:
    • Bacterial leaf spotting (click here to view bacterial leaf spotting on romaine lettuce)
    • Bottom rot (click here to view bottom rot on romaine)
    • Decay (click here to view decay on iceberg lettuce)
    • Insect pressure (click here for aphids on green leaf lettuce and here for aphids on iceberg)
    • Mildew (click here to view mildew on iceberg)
    • Premature pinking/shortened shelf-life in commodity and value-added items
  • Many iceberg lettuce growers have already made the transition south to Huron, California where Markon inspectors are seeing better iceberg quality
  • Some light bottom rot and ribby/odd-shaped heads are being observed, but there are currently fewer serious defects in Huron’s iceberg stocks
  • Most growers will begin the move to the Arizona/California desert growing region within the next two weeks as the Salinas season comes to an end
  • Markon inspectors will review upcoming desert supplies by the end of this week and will update with more information soon

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


Blake Anderson
Quality Assurance

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