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FROM THE FIELDS: Central Coast, California Weather

April 06, 2015


Trace amounts of rain fell over parts of California’s Salinas Valley on Sunday, April 5 due to a weak cold front passing through the region which also caused more cold temperatures this morning. Sporadic lettuce ice is being reported for colder areas where harvesting crews may be delayed up to an hour as they wait for lettuce crops to sufficiently thaw.


A stronger cold front promises to deliver more significant rainfall to a more widespread area beginning early Tuesday morning and continuing throughout the day. Up to 1.5 inches of much needed rain could be recorded in the Salinas/Watsonville area, and to the South, the Santa Maria and Oxnard growing regions may receive .5-1 inch. Temperatures will remain below normal after the storm with a chance for more rain predicted for Friday evening into Saturday, April 10-11.


Although all grower/shippers will welcome the rain, some production, quality, and shelf life challenges can be expected as a result. Markon inspectors will be monitoring the situation closely and will update further on quality and field conditions for lettuce, tender leaf, and strawberries.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


John Galvez

Quality Assurance


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