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January 27, 2021

Strawberry supplies continue to tighten. Heavy rain is expected to severely impact harvesting in California through Friday. Stemmed strawberry volume remains extremely low in all areas.

Oxnard, California

  • Forecasts call for rain through Friday January 29
  • Next week is expected to bring low temperatures and possible frost, along with more rain on February 2 and 3
  • Supplies will remain extremely limited; Mexican fruit is being transferred to help fill supply shortages


  • This week, weather was slightly warmer, but lower temperatures are returning by the weekend; this will keep size small and supplies tight
  • Fruit is loading in South Texas, as well as Oxnard and Los Angeles, California
  • Quality is good


  • Supplies have increased slightly due to higher temperatures
  • The forecast calls for cold weather and scattered showers later this week, which will then limit supplies
  • Quality is good

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