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June 17, 2021



  • The Washington and Michigan seasons are ending; a limited quantity of California product will remain available through the first week of July
  • Production continues to ramp up in Central Mexico, but periodic rain events are limiting harvests and reducing size profile; jumbo and extra-large sizes are scarce
  • Peruvian asparagus (shipped into Florida) is supplementing the market, but volume isn’t high enough to hold prices steady
  • Quality is very good: spears are straight with firm tips and grassy flavor
  • Expect higher prices through early July; markets are anticipated to stabilize following strong Fourth of July holiday demand

California Strawberries

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Strawberries are available out the Salinas/Watsonville region
  • Santa Maria
    • Demand is strengthening as abnormally hot weather is decreasing fruit quality
    • Temperatures have been in the 70 to 80 degree range; the forecast calls for abnormally high temperatures through Saturday
    • More strawberries are being sent to processing than to the fresh market due to lower quality
  • Salinas/Watsonville
    • This is North America’s primary growing region for strawberries right now
    • Plants are strong, and fruit quality remains very good

Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons

  • The offshore season has ended
  • Limited quantities of Mexican honeydew are on the West Coast market
  • Athena variety cantaloupes are shipping out of Georgia
  • The Arizona/California desert is now the primary growing region; a heat wave will impact the crop this week
    • Excessive temperatures (ranging from 110 to 120 degrees) will reduce volume for the next seven days
    • Growers must limit harvesting hours for the safety of their workers
  • The market is poised to rise; overall availability will tighten

Green Grapes

  • Markon Essentials (ESS) Green Grapes will begin shipping next week  
  • The Mexican season is past peak production; demand is strong
  • Mexican green grapes will be available through the last week of June
  • California green grapes will begin shipping the week of July 5

Red Grapes

  • ESS Red Grapes are now available
  • Red grape pricing has begun to inch up due to reduced supplies
  • Mexican red grapes will be available through the last week of June
  • California red grapes will be on the market the week of July 5

Portioned Grapes

  • MFC Lunch Bunch Grapes are available
  • Portioned packs will be filled with Mexican fruit through the week of July 12
  • California portioned grapes will be available the week of July 19

Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

  • MFC Premium Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine are available; Markon Best Available is being substituted as needed
  • Demand continues to strengthen weekly as COVID restrictions are removed; additionally, some buyers are loading as much product as possible prior to the upcoming heatwave in the Salinas Valley
  • Current quality is very good; although, growth crack, fringe burn, and internal burn are expected to become more prevalent following sustained elevated temperatures
  • Expect higher prices over the next two weeks at minimum

Imported Citrus
Imported Oranges

  • Fruit will start arriving from Australia, Chile, and South Africa during the first week of July   
    • 113-count and larger pack sizes dominate availability
    • Import palletization: 80 cases per pallet
    • Domestic palletization: 54 cases per pallet
    • Quality is very good: fancy grade fruit is most plentiful

Imported Lemons

  • Supplies are arriving from Argentina and Chile
    • Palletization: 72 cases per pallet
    • Quality is very good: fancy grade fruit is most abundant
  • Limited quantities of Mexican lemons will begin crossing into South Texas in early July; 115- and 140-count fruit will dominate availability


  • MFC Red and Yellow Onions are shipping out of the San Joaquin Valley  
  • The crop favors medium to jumbo sizes; colossal and super colossal stocks are adequate

New Mexico

  • MFC Red and Yellow Onions are readily available in New Mexico
  • The crop is dominated by medium and jumbo sizes; large supplies are increasing   
  • Packer label Mexican onions are also on the market


  • The Washington storage season for MFC Onions will end June 25  
  • Expect diminished quality in remaining storage shipments  
    • Onions will have golden, cured skins, but may be softer than early and mid-season stocks
    • Problems may include occasional internal decay, mold, and multiple centers/hearts


  • On the East Coast, the Georgia harvest is slowly finishing
    • North Carolina and New Jersey are the main supply sources at this time
    • Local/regional deals have also started in Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio
  • California expects increased volume (especially large sizes) over the next few weeks as very high temperatures prevail
    • Quality is excellent
    • Extreme heat in the 110-115 F range are forecast for this week, which will limit harvesting to early morning hours
  • Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is the main growing region; growers are producing a steady supply of good quality squash
  • Expect overall markets to remain steady with many regions in production

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