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Strength in Numbers

August 02, 2012

Matthew Collins, Markon's newest inspector


The Markon Quality Assurance (QA) department is very happy to announce the latest addition to our team of inspectors. Matthew Collins, who recently graduated from Cal Poly, joined our staff on Monday, June 25. Matt’s internship experience with local and regional produce growers, as well as his background in social media, make him perfectly suited to take on the ever-evolving role of a Markon inspector.


Once Matt completes his initial training, we will be a team of five—something I’ll personally take pride in. With social media responsibilities becoming a bigger part of our everyday schedules, it is critical that Markon maintain our commitment to providing the finest quality products available. Having an extra pair of Boots in the Field will certainly help us accomplish that.


There is strength in numbers, but having lots of experience to draw from is also very important. We are proud to say that our QA team now has a combined 28 years of field experience; more than ever in the history of the company.


Our goal in the coming year will be to use this experience as well as added resources to deliver the type of information that contributes to the success of our members and their customers.