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The Value of Preparation

November 14, 2012

Hurricane Sandy caused massive devastation on the East Coast


Having just turned on the fireplace for the first time this season (in California, most of us have gas fireplaces that you turn on, not wood burning fireplaces that you start), I am reminded about the changing of the seasons and all of the memories that accompany fall. I also think about the produce industry’s seasonal transition and the tremendous amount of work the Markon Inspectors do, picking up their lives and moving to Yuma, Arizona for the winter vegetable harvest.  But most important—as I wait for the living room temperature to rise from the California cold of 65 degrees to a tolerable 68—I think about the subsequent storm hitting the East Coast just 10 days after Hurricane Sandy devastated so many towns and left millions without power. My heart sinks for those who are cold and lonely and are dealing with the pain of losing loved ones. My fix-it-all personality wants to do something helpful, but out here on the West Coast, all I can do is listen with an open heart and be sure that my own family and local community are prepared out here in case The Big One hits.


Being prepared for many different disaster scenarios is more important today than ever. As an Eagle Scout, a husband, a father, and the Assistant Purchasing Director at Markon, being prepared is something I aim for every day. Sometimes Mother Nature gives us more than we can handle—but regardless of what we’ve done to prepare, having an emergency plan and using forward thinking can help us perform at our best, whatever the situation. 


At Markon, we take pride in being prepared for whatever comes our way. In the foodservice industry, the most effective way is through communication—between suppliers, growers, customers, and in Markon’s case, our members.  In times of crisis, we utilize our 27 years of experience with price fluctuations, supply levels, and weather scenarios to ask the right questions, compile the necessary information, form our most educated conclusions, and share our forecasts so as many links in the chain can get prepared and minimize the impact of any catastrophe. The recent storms on the East Coast have been a huge reminder to us all of the importance of constant vigilance and thorough preparation. We applaud everyone involved in relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and are especially proud of how our industry has reacted and is helping to bring life back to normal.