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Showcasing Markon

September 13, 2012

Markon Operator Summit attendees enjoying a romaine field tour.



Markon loves to connect with our member-customers and welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our fresh produce program. Each summer, many customer groups visit California’s fertile Salinas Valley to see where and how the products they order have been grown. This season was especially busy—and one thing is for sure, it was time well spent.


Moving forward into fall, Markon just hosted our Second Annual Markon Operator Summit September 10-12. This event is geared towards large national and small regional multi-unit customers. It’s an experience- and information-packed few days that give operators a firsthand look at how fresh produce is grown, packed, and shipped. It really gives them a better understanding of the complexity of this incredible industry and how Markon’s Boots in the Field® differentiate us from the rest of the industry through quality and food safety.


Additionally, the Summit provided an excellent setting for operators to share best practices, capture new ideas, and network in a comfortable setting. Establishing long-term partnerships with our customers is Markon’s goal, so showcasing our operations is a critical building block in this process.


Check out the group here and on Facebook, where you can get up-to-date photos, news, events, and fun tips. Want more? Go to Markon on Your Menu for chef-centric information.


Thank you to all of this year’s attendees. We hope you enjoyed your time here and look forward to our continued partnership in success.