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Bringing Value Through Information

January 23, 2013

Markon has created many avenues, including the newly revamped website, that packs the maximum amount of produce information into one place.



It has been said that knowledge is power. I would have to disagree—if knowledge is power, then librarians would rule the world. 

A better mantra would be:  knowledge, when applied at the right time, right place, and to the right people, can change the world. Without a doubt, technology has changed the way we gather and use information.  With countless news outlets and sources coming at us from every possible direction, it is more than overwhelming.  As operators, suppliers, and distributors, our goal needs to be focused on how we coordinate and gather information in the most efficient and timely manner.

In a perfect world we would all set aside a certain time each day to cruise the internet, read a couple of newspapers, check on commodity reports, look for menu ideas, research trends and recipes, and then have time to run our businesses.  But we all know reality is not perfect.

So how do we begin the big dig out? 

Google Alerts is one great way to gather the information you need using key words phrases. By setting up the alert parameters, you will be sent an email at a predetermined time (of day, week, month, etc.) that allows you to scan the news that pertains to your business. 

Beyond alerts we should spend some time to find the most in-depth and concise information sources, and then utilize that information. Markon has developed some great tools to do just that. 

The re-designed website is well-defined and easily navigated. It delivers the most up-to-date information and allows to you set a plan based on those produce items that make sense for your operations.

Beyond the website, Markon has gone mobile.  The new Markon app puts that same power and information in the palm of your hand. Regardless of where you are, you can get access to valuable produce information….instantly.  We haven’t even begun to cover Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Linked-in but don’t despair—the list will grow before you finish this article. 

As technology has exploded over the last decade, it has become almost a full-time job to keep up with the advances, but there is no need to panic. Markon and its members are committed to doing what they always have: deliver quality information rivaled by the quality of its produce.  Harnessing that information and then developing an action plan is where the value will be recognized by your loyal customers.