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July 3, 2024

A micro-burst swept through the onion growing regions of Nyssa, Oregon and Parma, Idaho Wednesday, June 26 bringing high winds, rain, and hail that is impacting surrounding crops and packing sheds.

  • An approximately three-mile stretch of fields in the Nyssa, Oregon and Parma, Idaho regions were impacted by this storm
  • Areas north and south of these areas were unaffected
  • The hardest hit fields are exhibiting damage to tops
  • No onion acreage will be completely lost, as new growth has already begun and is looking healthy
  • Growers are taking action steps to mitigate growing/quality issues
    • Increasing fungicide and herbicides where necessary
    • Affected lots will be harvested and run first to prevent potential issues in storage
  • Impacts we may see due to the recent storm
    • Onions in these lots will be approximately two weeks behind scheduled harvest dates
    • Anticipate smaller size from these lots
    • Some onion bulbs were damaged by hail and will require heavier grading
    • Expect a higher percentage of No. 2 yields

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