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UPDATE: Tomatoes

October 22, 2015


Prices remain elevated; volume is low on both coasts. The California mature green tomato season will end within the next two weeks; some Florida growers have started new crop fall harvesting, but stocks will be tight through November. Growers in Baja, Mexico are starting fall cherry, grape, Roma, and vine ripe tomato production, although supplies will be limited until the season in Culiacan, Mexico starts in late December.


Mature Greens

  • Most California growers have finished the season; only a few will maintain intermittent harvesting schedules over the next few weeks
  • Limited production has started in Northern Florida (Quincy) and Georgia, but prices are much higher due to low volume
  • The Ruskin-Palmetto, Florida season will begin in a limited way next week, but markets will remain elevated until volume increases in December
  • Fall yields and quality will be unpredictable due to storm activity during plantings and growing cycles
  • Harvesting will start in Mexico in early January, helping supply meet demand


Cherry, Grape, Roma, and Vine Ripe Tomatoes

  • West Coast supplies are increasing as growers in Baja, Mexico enter fall production, but yields are lower than anticipated due to inclement weather
  • Prices will ease, but not drop significantly until production increases from mainland Mexico in late December
  • Florida stocks will increase over the next few weeks
  • Although cherry and grape tomato prices remain high, they should start to relax next week


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