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September 09, 2020

Green bell pepper prices are firming up; supplies are tightening in all growing regions. Expect active markets for the next four to six weeks while the crop begins transitioning south for the winter months to the Southern California desert area, Florida, Georgia, and Western Mexico.

  • East Coast volume is below normal
    • The Michigan season is starting to wind down
    • North Carolina plays an important role in bridging the gap between the Michigan and Georgia harvests; due to rain and cool weather last month, North Carolina volume is down
    • Georgia production will begin the first week of October, followed by harvests in Florida by early November
  • West Coast supplies are tightening
    • East Coast demand is shifting out west this week; prices are rising
    • Crops will transition to the Southern California desert region in mid-October
    • Harvesting will begin in Western Mexico by late October/early November
  • Red bell pepper prices are steady; expect adequate California stocks for the foreseeable future

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