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FROM THE FIELDS: Tender Leaf Shelf-Life Potential

November 04, 2016

As the Salinas, California growing season comes to a close, Markon inspectors have observed an overall decline in the quality and shelf-life of some value-added salads and tender leaf items. Arugula, in particular, is much more sensitive to the sudden weather changes recently experienced in the Salinas Valley, and is now expected to have lower shelf-life potential, as well as sporadic yellowing (click here to see a photo of yellowing). Some lots are also exhibiting brittle texture that is causing elevated mechanical damage and fine pieces when processed (click here to view mechanical damage).


Quality and shelf-life are expected to remain below optimum levels until production moves to the Arizona/California desert growing region within the next two to three weeks. To view a photo of three day old arugula, click here.


Markon recommends ordering for quick turns. As always, maintaining the cold chain throughout distribution is a critical part of maximizing the quality and shelf-life of all perishable produce items.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


John Galvez
Quality Assurance


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