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As a chef, you know how to compose recipes for your menus … yet even the most creative cooks need inspiration from time to time.

Markon’s online culinary hub has been created specifically to help you with all things foodservice. You'll find a large assortment of fresh produce-based recipes for a variety of cuisines and day- and menu-parts, culinary trends, and even a direct response hotline—Ask a Markon Chef (because even the most accomplished chefs have questions about ingredients, pairings, beverages, shelf-life, food safety, and more).

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Good recipes are the building blocks of delicious meals and the sure sign of a successful foodservice operation. The very finest recipes can be the basis for different variations of a tried and true customer favorite – or can lead to completely new ideas in the kitchen. Some recipes are trendy, fun, and in demand, while others are so instantly classic that they become iconic and defy change.

Use Markon’s online recipe catalog as your go-to guide for produce recipes. Each recipe includes nutritional information and full-color photographs.

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Are you wondering what food trends are on the culinary horizon? Check out these up-and-coming trends that may be a fit for your menu or specials board.

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Even the most accomplished chefs have questions about ingredients, pairings, shelf-life, and more. Whether you've been in the industry for one year or thirty, you still need a trusted source for all of your produce questions. That's why Markon has gathered a group of our member-affiliated chefs to answer your questions.

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Chef Stephane Renaud of Gordon Food Service Canada
Hard squashes are packed with sweet flavor and hearty texture. Which is your favorite and how do you serve it?

I love the flavor and textures of them all: Butternut, Kabocha, Acorn, Blue Hokkaido, Delicata, Hubbard, and more. I chop and slice them. I roast, saute, grill, and turn them into spaghetti. I smoke and puree them…the applications are truly infinite and they are so crave-worthy!

Cauliflower “rice” or crumbles have moved from a trendy item to a staple in many kitchens. What do you like to use them for?

Because they are already chopped or crumbled finely, I like to use them like a bread crumb to coat different types of meat, which I then roast in butter and finally finish in the oven. This golden-brown crust adds incredible flavor—delicious!

Late fall leafy greens can add color, nutrients, and bold flavor to a variety of menu items. Which do you use and how?

My absolute favorite is red chard. It has the texture of kale, but with more vibrant colors. I chop it and roast with autumn herbs and spices.