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As a chef, you know how to compose recipes for your menus … yet even the most creative cooks need inspiration from time to time.

Markon’s online culinary hub has been created specifically to help you with all things foodservice. You'll find a large assortment of fresh produce-based recipes for a variety of cuisines and day- and menu-parts, culinary trends, and even a direct response hotline—Ask a Markon Chef (because even the most accomplished chefs have questions about ingredients, pairings, beverages, shelf-life, food safety, and more).

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Good recipes are the building blocks of delicious meals and the sure sign of a successful foodservice operation. The very finest recipes can be the basis for different variations of a tried and true customer favorite – or can lead to completely new ideas in the kitchen. Some recipes are trendy, fun, and in demand, while others are so instantly classic that they become iconic and defy change.

Use Markon’s online recipe catalog as your go-to guide for produce recipes. Each recipe includes nutritional information and full-color photographs.

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Are you wondering what food trends are on the culinary horizon? Check out these up-and-coming trends that may be a fit for your menu or specials board.

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Even the most accomplished chefs have questions about ingredients, pairings, shelf-life, and more. Whether you've been in the industry for one year or thirty, you still need a trusted source for all of your produce questions. That's why Markon has gathered a group of our member-affiliated chefs to answer your questions.

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Chef Vic Vegas of Nicholas and Company
What suggestions do you give operator customers for healthy, fun kids’ menu items?

Many of today’s kids have much more sophisticated palates and want what their parents are eating. I suggest offering smaller versions of adult entrees while also pumping up the vegetable component for good health. Vegetarian sushi is an excellent example of this because kids want to eat with chopsticks and enjoy the interactive meal with their family, but may want to start with more familiar fillings like avocado and cucumber than raw fish.

What is your favorite MFC product? How do you prepare/serve it?

Right now I’m a big fan of the Ready-Set-Serve Sweet Baby Broccoli. I can use it as a sauteed side dish, add it to salads, drop into stir-fries, wrap it in prosciutto for an appetizer, or use in warm salads. 

What is your favorite plant-based dish for winter?

Hearty, umami-rich wild mushrooms do it for me. I use them in many ways—an ancient grain salad with Oyster mushrooms and frisee, a creamy Chanterelle sauce served over roasted carrots and beets, or a noodle bowl filled with udon or ramen and multiple types of mushrooms.