Markon First Crop

Markon First Crop

Markon First Crop

Markon First Crop® is Markon’s first and signature brand that includes traditional whole fruits and vegetables like apples, broccoli, lettuces, onions, and potatoes. Purchased only from our approved grower-supplier partners, these items must meet a strict set of requirements each and every time, including:

  • Dependable quality
  • Reliably high yields
  • Field inspections on key items
  • Backed by Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety® Program

Markon Best Available (MBA) is packed when harvests of the following items fall short of minimum specifications for Markon First Crop brand:

  • Premium Iceberg Lettuce 24 CT
  • Trimmed Iceberg Lettuce 24 CT
  • Romaine Lettuce 24 CT
  • Green Leaf Lettuce 24 CT
  • Romaine Hearts 48 CT & 12/3 CT
  • Broccoli Crowns 20 LB
  • Strawberries 2/4 LB & 8/1 LB

Markon First Crop and MBA products are gluten- and GMO-free.


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