Compressed Watermelon

Compressed Watermelon 1

Compressed watermelon gives the appearance of raw tuna, making it an excellent plant-based substitution.

Spanish Tortilla Bites

Spanish_Tortilla_Bar_SnacksBite-size bar snacks are more sophisticated than ever! Serve these comforting potato omelet appetizers topped with crunchy, colorful radishes.

Spicy Crab-Cucumber Salad

This sweet, yet spicy crab mixture gets a glam presentation with thinly sliced hot-house cucumbers, micro nasturtium leaves, and edible…

Strawberry Caprese Parfait

Strawberry_Caprese_ParfaitA sweet twist on an Italian favorite, this parfait combines both sweet and savory notes—it can be served as an…

Strawberry Salsa

Strawberry_SalsaSurprise patrons with this sweet-yet-spicy salsa that substitutes strawberries for tomatoes; great with chips or atop chicken, fish, and steak.